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How I Went From Poor To Free (Financial Freedom)

What’s up guys Dylan here and in today’s video we’re going to talk about what it takes to go from poor to free and I know there’s a bit of a click baby title but I’m going to be using my own experience to go over what I think the core factors have been in getting from zero to a hundred and my own online business I don’t want this to be in a circle jerk where I just talk about myself so comment below of what your own experience has been on your journey so far and what you think has gotten you success and failure in terms of our own personal traits and the things that you’ve done so before we get into the video don’t forget to hit subscribe and the notification bell so that when I release more marketing strategies tactics and stories you’ll get notified the number one thing for me was wanting freedom over security wanting the freedom of my own business where I was in complete control of my results where there was no ceiling for me I could do whatever I wanted I could achieve anything that I wanted in my mind any way I could be responsible for what I did in life if I had a job I would feel very constricted and I would feel like I couldn’t do what I wanted I feel like I wouldn’t have complete control and I do have a very controlling personality so having that desire for freedom I suppose was one of the most important things to me and of course it’s totally fine to want the security of a job shouldn’t be a lawyer or a doctor and that kind of thing but if you’re going to do marketing you may as well do your own thing if you don’t do business you may as well do your own thing rather than working for someone else that’s what I really want to be a marketer or a management person and going into my own business was the best way to do that but of course there was more just because of my own desire for freedom rather than security so that’s more of a personal trait kind of thing the next thing I suppose is getting a mentor I was able to join a course for three to five thousand dollars I don’t really remember this point but getting that course made me realize it was possible to do this before that point I had a looking belief and believe I could possibly build an online business and seeing what these other people were doing in this course in this community made me realize that it was possible when was that catalyst that made me go to the next point which is following the process so the next thing that I think I was able to do really well was follow the process non-stop all the way to through to the end and step by step I looked at the course that I bought and I did everything as said to to I didn’t miss anything out and I made sure that I implemented and kicked him fomenting and kept trying new things until I figure out what world so following the process was definitely in the next thing for me and then finally the other thing that I think was the main determinant for me was being impatient I was completely impatient for results I wanted to get there now and that’s not really a positive trait I think it’s a bad thing to be impatient all the time especially in most areas in life but when it comes to building an online business being impatient is really addictive because it means you do more faster and if you do more faster you’re going to fail more faster and if you fail more faster you’re going to learn from those failures faster so essentially you’re gonna get there faster now that’s not always true can just mean that you failed miserably faster you have to Buddha himself up back from the very bottom which I’ve done multiple times and only my five years in business it’s definitely not a good trait to have but I do think it’s been one of my teeth determinants beginning to where I am today those are my things those are the things that brought me success I think over the last five years of my online business but I want to hear from you guys comment below always brought you the most success what things you’ve done here brewery the most success in your business or your career so far and things that you think if I limited you as well like I mentioned with my impatience thing and I don’t like I said on this to be a video ready to talk about myself so they start discussion in the comments and also if you’re interested in this online marketing stuff hit the link in the description and you can learn more about it otherwise I’ll talk to you soon comment below subscribe and have a great day

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