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If I Practice ACIM Will I Become Financially Secure? David Hoffmeister, A Course in Miracles

Well, if you really follow the Course and you practice it all the way like we were talking about, security and safety are definite states of mind that go with peace of mind and happiness. But in terms of financial security… In this world the terms seem to go together, and yet when we go much deeper under the surface we could say that that’s like an oxymoron. That true security has everything to do with non-judgment, everything to do with being connected to God and everyone and everything. That’s perfect security and it really doesn’t have anything to do with finances.

So in the state of enlightenment, there is not a need for the picture to look a certain way, or to have so much money in a bank account, or investments… all the things that the ego would say is a part of financial security. All those things become actually irrelevant in the state of peace. And so there’s no sense of trying to avoid anything nor trying to attain anything. There’s no sense of trying to get rid of something or to protect something in terms of finances.

So yeah, I would say in the end if you follow A Course In Miracles, you will lose the meaning of financial security and gain the meaning of who you truly are in God’s Kingdom. .

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