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Undercover Millionaire Starts Again from Scratch | FINANCIAL FREEDOM CHALLENGE

Oh I talk to you every night I care product sales big challenges coming literally shaking right now I’m just set here in a car with several leads we don’t know who he is there’s googling but he’s a multi-millionaire entrepreneur KBR popped we just left this family stripped from always well I am report brought me along much the diving this wild adventure what are we doing just get down to business I’ll be stripped from everything so I’m starting all over again from scratch I’ve been think you made it really hard I probably will be in the back but I need to start building my property portfolio again from scratch with nothing let’s see what half the town within two weeks I’ve never seen anything like this before I’m documenting everything this is the financial freedom challenge two times we go straight to right move I can find hmm Sheffield and it should feel really not expensive I think I need to set up an email yeah I do its Lucas dot Ruby 1 1 1 at just came literally just show me more viewings on the spot you moon potentially it’s just too easy is how you get in tomorrow I just want to be viewing properties just like all day and then the day after we go networking and I’m gonna sell what I found but first let’s get the deals in the bag fifteen minutes there’s beautiful apartments coming on gumtree open rent with landlords renting out these apartments for like six hundred pounds for the whole apartment I know that hotels a fully booked all through Sheffield I know that because I struggle getting this hotel booked a hotel average will rent out for a hundred pounder my life I can turn that apartment into a hotel so all I need to do is get the landlord to agree I mean it’s okay for me to give me six of Japan a month and then I will then went out as a hotel and make loads of profit I put down nothing so that’s a strategy that I’m looking at I just need to get in front of people so let’s do this my name’s Lucas I buy apartments and rent them out and I also have a management company where I take on apartments and better than a serviced accommodation oh wow you show me around so we’ve got available I don’t see a man so now I’ve already got one guys gonna show me HMI which is a really good agent I’ve got a second agent he’s going to show me the H and loads of other potential HMOs and interesting stuff all morning and now I’ve got this contacts with this mega landlords a whole bar well right now but also hardly to eat in a week okay I just if you can help me I’ve got a lot of money and I’m looking at buying some properties in the area I want to get on that hot list of yours have you got anything available at the moment well okay so my email is Lukas just do this all day Mac she’s just showing I haven’t got any money tell us about this pot of money that you were talking about I’m pumped I’m prophesying about a pot of money an investor has and the investor wants me to find him a deal with your payment now this investor I haven’t met him yet B exists and I will find you in the next few days and then I’ll hook him up with these estate agents and then I’ll make money and then with that money I will put that down towards my own property portfolio owner of this Indian restaurant in Sheffield and when our neighbors yes and he’s told me that if I if I fail was a property entrepreneur I always have a job here you welcome it’s the middle of the night I have to pick up some stuff from the room you’re awake I’m just doing some comparables all right dude it’s midnight you are crazy really exciting numbers there oh yeah where you go this is what I’m doing man all day every day too much very bad on my part but it did save us five minutes tight tight on time so we were meeting we’re meeting completely it’s got this wonderful HMO to show us and potentially more lined up but when there’s a potentially more lined up sometimes that’s when you get the absolute gold dust the best thing is to just find out what they want and then see if you can give it to them and then what the numbers afterwards dude this is like a really important viewing yes thank you for a please I think it’s the battery but this I’m Anna Coren uber because we can’t miss this viewing I can’t leave the car here all day I find I can get the uber fiber and say look on moon’s like his my fans just wait 10 minutes there has a big problem on his hands the question is can I solve his massive problem of having all these HMOs that are completely rundown he doesn’t have the energy to continue managing them he doesn’t have the finance to do them up it’s not really prepared to do any kind of joint venture or anything at all creative like a flat guaranteed rent or something or because he’s almost a day and he’s just like yeah just you know so I would buy them and I would get rid of all the tenants and I would turn them into a luxury apartments or do it it’s a nice professional house share had a good chat with him at first he was quite no no cold and standoffish looked like he was just angry with life almost towards the end he was quite complimentary but also could be envied offer two or three cash a Friday so now we’ve got more viewings later on car is broken and we are stranded over a mile away from the car how we’re gonna get back man we’ve got we’ve got to get back to the car because we’ve got a lot stiffener I’ve got a mechanic izumi there 15 minutes we are 26 minutes away so let’s walk fast thank God my knee is better because my knee when we broke down here we were like what a terrible place to break down you know we’re walking the road it’s double yellows now it’s like stand up man everyone needs to but we’re still left just topping up petrol and I told him that I was new to Sheffield and I just come here to be a property entrepreneur he said entrepreneur and he gave me some back stories of motivated sellers with empty houses why they go so cheap if I get a deal I’ll have to come back and buy you a drink Thanks never assume oh he’s just the petrol man or this person’s just the mechanic everyone’s got a story and everyone’s growing something to give so fantastic man see that’s the kind of thing that would make sure you can make some serious money on putting off a big project like this he’s gonna take weeks and weeks maybe months and I need cash right now so I’ll be there at and really look forward to meeting ya bye so weird being called Lucas it feels like I’m absolute fraud basically have a deal two apartments one penthouse I think will probably get it for 12 fifth day spoke to the developer who owns all this site you want there have to be very nice checks all that I’m really excited I think we’re going to make some good men money and also have a longevity relationship with this guy as well came to Sheffield yesterday with no money and I’m starting the office with a multimillionaire half an hour with my little yellow girl he the same like you know tell me about your story where do you live and I was telling him I live in a house yeah okay I’ll get there one day I couldn’t tell him that I’m a property millionaire Samuel EADS had to keep the story going otherwise people watching this might say the only reason he did business with you is because you’re a millionaire like him but actually he doesn’t normally in there he thinks I’m a broke dude who’s probably just finished you know come to Sheffield because I’ve broken up from a girlfriend or something who knows driving this car the fact that I can do business of him it’s not because of my status it’s because of my ability and skill so these apartments that I’ve just secured and hopefully we’ll be getting the keys on Monday next week wanna make them into a hotel but I need to get someone or some system to manage it so that it’s passive income scheduled right now with a serviced accommodation booking company as far as the management concerned they’re going to take it off the booking so I don’t expect anything upfront to do the training I’m having to pay bugs whatever I need to do and booking should start coming in next week oh I’ve just got another appointment that’s a four-bed HMO for a hundred thousand pound perfect condition so I can sell that now before I even view it and if it falls – it’s not as good as I think then I’ll cross that bridge time to get some money in the back now good news is I’ve got some deals the bad news is I haven’t got money to buy the deals so I need to sell them so the only event anytime soon is actually in Birmingham so the good news is I will see you tonight bad news is because it’s in Birmingham I need to be disguised and I was wondering if I can cut your wiggle and wear it come on Amanda take one for the team today so today’s mission is to raise four thousand eight hundred and fifty pounds and that is going to then go towards these to rent rent deals with these luxury apartments that I have already secured and have told that I have the money in place man is this lead the way this choir you are not here I think today is going to be building relationship today tomorrow is going to be sale – what I think because we’ve got to sow the seeds and build the relationship now is going to just give you five grands when they’ve just met yeah but tomorrow if the if they like me and they’re built relationship and they think this is real and the deal is good enough talking of options I’ve just secured a really nice lease option agreement even some of the trainers are quite interest to the secured in it so it’s like need to go yeah it was like he was so interested I almost kind of handshake with him I felt assuming that all the things that I’ve said are accurate are you would you want to go ahead and I put my hand out and he was like well I’ve only just met you like ten minutes ago you know so I called Lee who’s sad recommended me that’s just cool pick up cuz it’s so noisy I’m just texting and I’m warming I’ve got some really good deals the problem is I need four thousand eight hundred and fifty pounds in order to secure the deals so today I’ve been trying to just kind of back my way to get the money by just offering people deal which worked to a bleats I did win people over but I didn’t win them over enough for anybody to actually pull their credit card out this is harder than I thought I mean all I need is four thousand eight hundred fifty pounds needed one Monday I’m struggling so it’s day four yes today is day four and my goodness is day four I’m hoping to sell a deal today or at least get some money in my bank because day seven is my last day of my hotel if I’ve got money by day seven I’m getting kicked out I want to get my list tomorrow to fifty people which I think I can easily do with leverage of tapping into other people’s contacts it’s not do you want to buy dia it’s Muji you know that wants to buy deal there might only be sixty people in the room if everyone knows a thousand people there’s actually sixty thousand people in the room so when I’m in a room like that I’m seeing sixty thousand potential people I can tap into its car by the way feels feels like it’s about to break down again No oh my goodness rocking on the freakin money to why this is not even safe that is very dangerous but number two you call for that really you can you know what I normally Drive a brand-new car that never breaks down it’s not safer very very convenient if you reckon garyvee will be jealous of my military if we manage it still your profit will be maybe 650 700 each month will be your profit because my business partner say if you would like to secure the rent to read that we’ve got in Sheffield but she’s basically wants to go for it we’re going to put a three-month break clause in there so that if it’s not renting out we know it well but if it’s not renting out we can then refund our in full and and we’ll take the property back I think it’s a goer good to meet you thank you so much good to meet you I am Samuel yes right now we have no car no money we’ve been kicked out of the network in the van but we do have a deal you just need to find a joint venture partner jerk and now publicly say something because tomorrow morning I’m meeting with the agent and I’m supposed to be paying and signing for these two properties I had one guy he was meeting tomorrow with the agent and wasn’t sell to him with the agent to then get the money to pay Alina the agent and now I can’t get hold of him and he’s gone midnight oh my goodness this is really bad yeah I need to tell you something come on dude the great news is he got back to me this morning come on the bad news is you think some Lucas Lee thinks I have semi hair and glasses so we need to get this guy’s just message me and I’m on my way and I really think he’s gonna buy it I really do it’s the credible deal if I get the money from him I’m pretty much guaranteed to be able to get these deals ready to do business I’ve done all the hard work I’ve been networking for days I want to be able to introduce everyone I don’t want to be late and then they all get talking when I’m not there I want to be able to control the scene see the figures see what you can do and then you’ll probably be able to think of a way to get the money I think when you know how much you’re going to be getting back and when you see the properties I know I’ve taken the two apartments Neal is potentially interested in the third one and there’s already properties in the block that have been used as serviced accommodation yeah it’s already happening just spent a whole morning with someone who was like yeah I’m gonna do the deal and all this actually isn’t prepared to put any money down at all asking a million and one questions right now he’s expecting me to try and hard close him he’s ready for it and he’s got his guard up I’m not gonna do I’m gonna go anyway have a great day any blahblah wanna be really cool and I’ll say you know I don’t think you’re right for actually because you’ve got know a bloke that I am he can sell himself that’s what you get for being standoffish well if you want to make me an offer on the properties that we’ve seen but you know make me an offer by all means you’ve seen you’ve seen what’s you’ve seen the property you’ve seen the figures big problem really I need to I’ve just told Ellen that I’m gonna put down four thousand eight hundred fifty pounds I was banking on this guy so now I think I’m gonna have to do a a pretend payment that should be with you in the next few hours and then just wait for it to chase me and in the meantime what like way easy to raise the funds kill it it’s sick actually about this money though she’ll be she might be handing in like literally two hours if I try and sell today because if she pulls the plug on these properties yeah then in two days I’m out of my hotel and I’m evicted living on the streets I need to be emailing those loosely speaking how can help I’ve been told that you’re pretty pretty ready to go and things like that I’m gonna tell you bout the one that I’d personally like best which I think would sell really really quickly if I emailed it out bliss it into two apartments and just rent it out as apartments yeah that’s my favorite so that’s the one that I think it’s gonna go really really fast for you is that what you’re looking for you don’t buy it I’m not emailing it out I’m gonna I’m gonna try and borrow the money and buy it myself for it to reserve a property you’ll have to pay the finder’s fee that’s powerful man that’s called that’s called leverage in people but instead of trying to do business with just those people that you know you say who else do you know who else thing you know the ripple and hold of a lot more people from suddenly my network is growing so fast as Lukas Roubaix even though I was exposed in the room they’d already given me details just in case yeah I love to check with my bank and see see what’s going on my hands very stressful mine yeah but that could just fail the challenge that good so I’m just right in the heads of turn four Sean just so we’ve got a clear understanding and agreement together so there’s no ifs and buts late so if he comes back and he’s not happy he said he tries best to get the terms sent back to me by then oh my gosh babe I have just sold a deal come on a money in the blue I’ve currently got nothing in the bank at all if the sixth day so it’s almost like at the last hour but that money I’m not gonna go to use towards living that’s going to go towards my rent to rent deals and that came babe from a contact from a contact but when they get evicted from my hotel I’ll be able to stay at my own house if I wanted to I could just stay there and rent out the other rooms and just live Redner forever and I’ve just done that literally from scratch as Lucas and I need to sell another deal in order to get my my following out of money if I can sell a deal tonight at this networking event I am made so at the networking event when there was no opportunity to ask a question I asked a question that let the whole room know that I had a deal burn it kind of backfired on me I just want some quick cash but yeah it is tempting to but so and that is about my deal not about my name yes again for the second time this time at least I didn’t get kicked out or thrown out it made it really difficult for me to sell at the end I did try and sell still however and I have got some calls and appointments tomorrow with people that do not know that I am Sangha leaves I don’t even think they know who sunny what it is which is just perfect so still hoping to get the money I’m gonna be chased like crazy tomorrow I need to record this unicorn she wants to bother the regiment bail off me I’m sure and I met yesterday and she thinks I am Aleve just so it was really nice meeting you yesterday let’s just give it a go and if it doesn’t work then well then you know I’ll pay you back if they you know and I’ll take the property on you know myself okay thank you so much for the call and I hear from you later she got such a good deal he’s paying for giving it away for 3,000 I’d love to keep it for myself but only 3,000 you know if she says in two months that she wants some money back great I’ll keep it myself it’s just like it’s all coming together man it’s almost getting to the point now where if the rent to rent deals fell through I wouldn’t even care I think you’ve got a really good property so congratulations for securing and another great deal and I’ll drop you an email and in terms of conditions in the next sort of 20 minutes I’m so pleased about that call because that means I have enough money in the bank to do the renter end deals as soon as he pays it I can pay for the rent to rent deals which means I should be financially free tomorrow yeah not happy of that because I want at least lease option agreement they’re in the bag I’m getting the keys on Friday I’m waiting on money coming in the bank from deals that I’ve sourced and sold so now I’m just gonna try and press on and see if I can get a lease option everybody off because I think that would just be a bit I’m just looking for a cheap house for sale that typically needs phone 10 people to get a lease option agreement at least so a lease option agreement is when you buy a property now but you pay for it later but in the meantime you benefit from the rent and the capital appreciation and it can be over five seven years in your situation I could possibly do is do a system where I rent it off you and give you a guaranteed rent and then buy off you over a period of time okay just winces virgins you want to do don’t try hey hello this is young speaking the rent to buy scheme is it something that though we can talk about can we come for a viewing you are 200 pounds a month guaranteed rent we would pay for all the repairs we would even give the house a little bit of a refurb in four years time we bought off you for seventy thousand pounds the agreement was drawn up properly it’s legally binding why solicitors so if you wanna have a chat with them what do you think he’s got ten of these houses he doesn’t want the house anymore he’s tired of managing them he doesn’t need the money perfect Candida he’s dressed oh I can’t sell it once you spoke to my solicitor I’ll really will help him out take away all that stress and in exchange I’ll get free house good lord you know that means that means that we can pay Ellen now which means tomorrow we pick up the keys to to rent to rent deals oh my goodness come on I’m quickly realizing it’s not all about the money it’s just about having a good lifestyle any cash I’ve still got left over from sourcing or whatever I think we should just give it away maybe give it away to people that really are struggling that’ll make me feel much happier I love receiving but giving you can bring the real joy but you can’t give unless you can receive maybe you’ll make it all worthwhile it’s so important to have people that are rooting for you and just just there to say come on I think that’s just so important moral support no one’s an island I couldn’t do this on my own good to see you again yet guess what good news I don’t need a job anymore but some property deals I made it just like you said but thank you for believing in me Franek you we thought we’d come and celebrate and all my work is done this morning is the morning that I’m going to be picking up the keys to my to rent to rent deals oh come on another three thousand in the bank third deal thank God for that that means that even if I don’t get the keys now at least I can sleep somewhere tonight believe it eight thousand pounds of financial freedom that week I feel embarrassed why as it’s almost like a taboo getting so much money in such a short amount of time I can’t believe how easy it is bit but at the same time people’s pain are being relieved getting good deals win-win situations so I’m impressed I’m really really impressed which means the people who just come and they lot the code in seven plus one two three oh if all goes to plan I’m going to making a total profit off the two properties of two thousand six hundred and twenty seven per month which is going to mean on one very happy boy you think that’s realistic based on what you’ve seen them what you know yeah looking at it going through the numbers going to the processes what I can say is well done to several leads yeah she is in every deemed yellow car clear else yes please I’m exciting will rent out this one on average for about 160 kinds of noise and then downstairs will went out without for about 120 pounds you should be in fair and making considerably over 2,000 pounds a month from there so I think smash the freaked out and financial freedom in a week I’m more excited about giving these gifts tomorrow then I even was about picking up the keys to the deal and we’re gonna be meeting a guy called Sid who runs a charity Barry tax homeless people off the streets brings him onto a big plus and then finds them council houses and things like that people will be of us two three months on average every night where we’re parking they can use showers at the building initially it’s about getting that rest back because people are getting sort of an average of two hours of sleep per night so people miss meetings best people I met that there were two homeless guys who snuck on sorry we were just curious like who whose door Busters it is like well it kind of is yours actually yeah I just said I believe God wants you to know that you’re valuable and that you’re very important person to your VIP and he just burst into tears we do have a little gift for you people to the world this came at such a crazy time because all this broke down and managed to block jumps from one of the m60 and then I got your phone call that amount to ground there it’s pretty much exactly what we need to bail on us last year in the UK over 400 people died on the street just sleeping out control so you may wanna say some bye calm night that felt so good to me like my stomach I had a really bad Tommy but now I suddenly feel a lot better what an amazing work is there any yeah do they love that we’re giving that phone to the mechanic yeah Wow his boss thinks he’s going to be over the moon with it so okay so something ridiculously excitement just happens after becoming financially free I decided to go to Dubai where it’s nice and warm and stay in this beautiful hotel and literally while I’ve been here my phone keeps pinging and I’m getting bookings left right and centre from booking calm but she let me show you what I’m talking about right now check this out you won’t believe this new booking new booking new booking look at this new booking new booking and also I’m also getting a touch of booking I’m also getting them on air B&B look at this Stephanie she says really looking forward to staying in your flat looks lovely I’ve also been getting messages from some of the estate agents even the guy who said no about a lease option agreement has come back to me and said maybe actually yes it’s incredible this is all systemized I’m here lying on the beach while this is all happening that truly is passive income that truly is financial freedom and you know what I can do that you can do that too if we’ve a little bit of hardwork in one week I can achieve that just imagine what you can achieve in maybe one year with the right knowledge and the right implementation when you know what financial freedom is for absolutely anybody you

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