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Financially Free by Watching YouTube Videos | Winners on a Wednesday #24

[Music] what’s up it’s Samuel leaves here and this week winners on the Wednesday we have the new and improved version of Samuel Leeds hi dude you’re killing it bro Thanks so this is Nathan winch Nathan you have done how many deals I’ve done about eight deal eight property deals mixture of deals yeah me no money down and how did you get all the knowledge to do all these deals so essentially was just from watching your videos really so I didn’t really do any of the costs or anything exactly so over those over the past sort of four months I’ve done those deals just from watching the YouTube videos and then I kind of then took it stage further and died so cool so you you’ve done what at what tell me you’ve packaged and sold some deals well how much did you make last week last week three and a half grand last week how about the week before put me on the spot all the week before at about 13 and a half thirteen and a half thousand pounds in a week high five or fist bump fist bumps and Lease Option agreements yeah how many of those have you done I’ve done four of those so you’ve done for Lease Option agreements what is a lease option agreement so it’s essentially where you kind of take on a property the the owners can’t really sell they’ve got limited options you know there might be negative equity or something like that so you kind of offer to pay their mortgage in the bills and everything take on the repairs and then you can let it out as though it’s your property so you can benefit benefit from the cash flow and the capital appreciation because of course they can offer you all the perks for buying a house without putting any money down when he’s out just legals buy now pay later yeah essentially and you did that from what your watching my youtube videos watching youtube videos dude that’s impressive that’s impressive and then you hunted me down because you wanted to give me money yeah yeah you’re like dude I’ve got all these houses I made three year off grand this week all right 13 grand last week I did it from watching YouTube I need to give this dude some money kind of yeah kind of yeah you’re now join the Academy I have the N last two weeks and you’ve not even done the crash course no I did the peterborough one oh yeah I just did it that’s the first one I that’s first cross Scott so you did the crash course a few days ago and how was that was absolutely insane it really intense really engaged you wish that you’ve done the crash call sooner I did I do actually I wish I’d done that first cuz it’s kind of like a taste for everything yeah yeah kind of don’t things a little bit backwards but it works I know you’re on the Academy now I’ll shoot it in that a long time ago but I’m glad that you hunting me down I always say if you become successful from reading my books or watching my videos or telling the crash course please hunt me down because your success is my oxygen and the fact that you have I really appreciate that I really I really honor you for that and looking at the figures I know we’ve gone over your figures and I know Alistair’s sat with you and stuff I mean we’ve looked into what you’ve done you’re killing it I just thought why not have your own winners on a Wednesday because it’d be such an inspiration because people watching this at home might be thinking literally what where our people’s excuses like date they have their input they’re watching the same videos you were watching and you’ve done this we have no money so why don’t you just tell us a little bit about sort of your story why did you start how did you even find my videos on YouTube so it was I think was a friend of mine that told me about you and I didn’t think much of it and then I kind of came across one of your videos on YouTube and I started watching and I thought wow this is this is great because it’s a little bit about my background just absolutely Matt so yeah i i I’ve kind of always been an entrepreneurial type so being sort of self-employed since like the age of twenty twenty-one run a small medical business working with the NHS and then sort of sold that in Matthew was March 2017 Oh a couple of properties didn’t really know what I was doing and had those for a while and then sort of in the past five months four or five months been watching your videos realize I’ve done everything wrong you know not making a great return on those properties or anything and then started implementing from literally the the YouTube video so lease option thing like that and then realize that well you can make a much better return and kind of refine that’s one of the buy-to-let and you know did some interesting stuff so you bought so you did some stuff in business you bought how many properties before you started watching my channel too so you bought two by two layer properties yeah but you’re saying they were quite bad probably yeah when I run the numbers based on the ROI we know how to work out now they’ve quite low yes so you’ve bought the properties you I know you bought like a nice car and stuff like that yeah then you watch my youtube videos about four months ago man I’ve got it all wrong yeah so then you refinanced the properties yeah and then you thought I’m going to start over but then the weird thing is the property deals that you’ve been doing recently they haven’t even involved any of your money I’ve they know so you’ve still got money that ready to invest so that money separates us and and I think that’s really that’s really interesting because even if you’ve got money you you still want to try and do the best saw deal you can do you don’t want to spend money if you don’t need to so yeah so I’ve just been doing sort of lease options really actively for the past few months and that does have worked really well you know and that’s that just the lease options alone have made me financially free so that’s what we through if you don’t mind yeah the figures of the lease options because I find it really interested in it’s the same was a guy who came on the show called Ian Patterson yeah yeah money you know his story I know him yeah yeah you know it how do you go in so I watched I think it was the very first winners on Wednesday watched his videos when I went to property networking event where he was giving a talk and literally just to just to sit down with the guy and pick his brains really took him out for a for a couch and he’s fabulous he’s absolutely killing it so I didn’t even know that yeah it’s a small world yeah but then it is if you’re in the right places like I don’t you know yeah so so in Paterson same sort of thing there was an NDA in patents he was working corporate job he had money but he chose to do lease option agreement cuz his in his mind he’s thinking why would I use my money when I don’t have to if I think my house for free I’m not gonna buy a house and pay money for it necessarily so that’s what that’s really cool what did you learn from him I think to try and do chunks of deals all in one because I think he does hold portfolios and lease options yeah he does now and it’s the same effort doing a portfolio he’s trying to do one so you you know you may as well try and go for the bigger ticket items but yeah learnt learnt a lot from the guys and he’s quiet he’s quite reserved as well and he’s but he’s really shrewd businessperson he’s fantastic he’s also an omni on the academy now same as you though he came to the crash course he just from the crash course he went on and all these deals made all the money he’s now got like a 2.8 million portfolios yeah I’ve read that yeah off the back of the crash course his story made all newspapers and stuff after he came on winners Wednesday which yours probably well as well who knows and then he was like dude can I join your Academy I’m like he can but why you know so same going story yeah so yeah very recently so that’s incredible so okay so you just you watched his his story you watch some of my other videos about lease option agreements why don’t you just tell anyone that’s watching this thinking what on earth is a lease option agreement what what is a lease option agreement yet so essentially a lease option agreement is a it’s a way of acquiring a property now we’re paying for it later yeah so you kind of take over all the other nasty bits that the landlord doesn’t want because normally Sloane also don’t want to be a landlord other accidental or it’s something to do with probe a or whatever or they’re in negative equity and you kind of take it on pay for on bills the mortgage everything else and then but you can rent it out and keep the returns and obviously because there’s sort of like a restriction on the sale to just you you know you benefit from the caps appreciation as well because basically you pay the owner or the landlord enough to wash its face for them exact so they’re not making money from it each month but they’re not losing money if that’s a mortgage or whatever it is you pay them a small amount which is negotiable and then anything more than that that the property rents out for is yours exact to keep yeah but then also you have a option to buy that property usually within or after so many years how long do you run your lease options for they’re about ten years Wow so I had plenty of times you’ll be an old man by then exactly so you when your what your twenty eight so when you’re 38 you’ll have the option to buy them at a set price but we all know what happens the house is over time we do they go up they go up yeah and especially over a 10-year period yeah so the chances are that they might even be double the value in which in which case you’ll have y’all have made so much money in capital depreciation and you’re also financially free from the cash flow just from it’s got to be the best strategy I think it is I think it is especially for those that don’t have a lot of money or bad credit or whatever it’s fantastic and we’ve got people that are literally you know we’ve had an illegal immigrant to come and doing Lease Option agreements it’s incredible how you can buy a house that way with no credit I mean I’m not I’m not endorsing it what I’m saying is regardless of your situation it’s incredible what you can do when you have the power of option absolutely yeah so where did you fight did you do was your first lease option was it one-in-four or did you heard that it were they’ve they’ve all been individual so I don’t Wow yeah so it’s just sending out hundreds of letters buying details from Land Registry they you know they all send a colored envelope type thing so basically all the stuff and my youtube channel yeah yeah yeah yeah but I did one of the lease option I did buy from a saucer so there’s that option as well but yeah usually deal sources aren’t selling because you not them don’t you if you find them you keep if you found a free house you ain’t selling it unless unless usually it’s got something wrong with it you know so okay so so you’ve done for all individually you found them on your own part from the one but you’ve done for but I by following the strategies sending letters basically you just put yourself out there right yeah and talk to people yeah okay so give us give us an example of like the most latest lease option agreement that you did give us the figures I think it was a for betting New Castle yeah the the option to buy is a hundred thousand I think the mortgage that pay on there I got the the seller to change to an interest only mortgages well there we go very home so I let me just explain that yeah so the seller was on a repayment mortgage but it will be it’ll be more simple what why did you why did you change it to interest down watch it for cash flow so so that was really the only payment I’d have to make because it was a single letter so the mortgage is really the only payment I make so how much possible so it’s I think it’s about 98 pounds a month so ninety a pound them up to the mortgage for bed HMO how much are you renting now for well it’s not hate you like to say it’s a single dad or family but it’s 450 months okay so you’re making a few in Japan on that and then the others if you add them all up together how much cash flow are you making so I don’t know the lease officers on their own but all all the properties together it’s about three three thousand pounds a month and I think the net on that is about seventeen eighteen hundred months that’s great yeah that’s great so 1719 Japan a month that is your average salary exactly yeah that is like your average salary so you’re now making your average salary in passive income on top of that you’re sourcing properties and passing them on you made 13 grand in a day yeah in a day in a day that was at this let me just say this is the difference you before brought you will do in YouTube videos and you were doing really well but you then came on one of our advanced trainings I did yeah how was that that was fantastic so that was the one day deal selling master class with wireless stuff and that’s when things blew up that’s where things blew up and I thought the more I do these things the more I get involved the more successful I am so I kind of famished did you make after going on that probe was it was it was it was it a direct result of that program when you made your 13 direct result of that program yeah so we were given like a little booklet and now yeah yeah I implemented the booklet yes after as it said yeah and the guest that was it I think it was I became compliant on the Friday and did that deal on the Monday yeah so it took quite a while to become compliant and then sent the deals out to the list and they sold in about four or five hours of Sun and the 13,000 pound that’s in your back right now that that is yeah and that’s so I think the terms of expired and that’s that’s mine yeah your money man yeah that’s incredible bro high-five that is so cool and and that I think that’s the power the thing is when you invest in yourself yeah you will always see a return mmm like oh yeah you can you can invest in property and make your 20% or a 50% return but that money that you invested in yourself you’ve probably already made 100% return probably more what you have yeah that’s incredible but but I think credible so what would you advise yourself if you were talking to the 12 month younger version of yourself what would you say education I think education yeah getting to get into some education you know whether it’s paid on whatever you know read some books read more books watch your YouTube videos yeah of course and just yeah just teach yourself because although I was already kind of in property I was doing it all wrong and the returns were abysmal I could you know I’d probably need like hundreds of those sounds to be financially free think about so so yeah a little bit of Education and yeah you’ve got to teach yourself because it is the most important investment I thought I just totally believed that what would you have thought four months ago when you first started watching me on youtube if you don’t own that fast forward four months you’d be sat here with me Wednesday completely financially free able to make 13,000 pounds in a day what would you thought I’d have said mmm no that’s I would have been a bit skeptical yeah and a bit skeptical yeah well how can you make that money you know if you if you starting with not a lot and you know but it’s possible yes well that’s so great yeah so what are your next steps I want to double the property portfolio by the end of the year well yeah it’s not a massive goal I mean it’s doable very well you’re on the Academy now so I’m only Academy now hold that you can pretty much you should helps do that John the Academy yeah so don’t hold me to that but it’s it’s it’s great so yes so to get more property whether that’s a lease option or whatever it doesn’t have to be do more deals I think I’m averaging one to two deals a week so I think the overall income including the including the the properties is about ten thousand a month something like that so which is massive from just four months ago you know I’ve only just joined the Academy as well so you know expecting big things yeah yeah okay that’s so good talk to me Nathan about mindset because you know it sounds so easy you could watch this interview you could think oh that’s easy he just bought a house for no money in yeah isn’t it but so many people fail so most people that watch my youtube channel you’re in the top 1% you you know not only have you taken the action and invest it in yourself which most people won’t do yeah but you’ve also sent the letter has made the calls there must have been down days there must have been days when you thought am I wasting my time here there must have been times when people told you you stupid like no yes yes yeah absolutely yeah I mean it’s as with anything in life isn’t it when you try and kind of aim higher people try and pull you down you know you’ve got to I think mindset is 90% of it actually and 10% of it actually doing the deals and knowing this stuff I think the mindset is incredibly important but like Sam I’ve always been sort of an implementer and I’m you know if I decide I want to do something I’m gonna do it so so yeah that’s hell but yeah no I agree I think mindset it probably the most important thing that you’ve got to have first and then education put the two together and you know good things happen and the advantage of when you started is that number one you’ve been successful in business so you’ve you’ve got that business mindset yeah you know and you understand what makes a good deal number two although you’d bought a couple of properties and they were good houses you were you understood the process I think that’s what maybe one of the reasons why you’ve skyrocketed so fast not to give anybody else an excuse but I mean geez 13 grand yeah oh yeah that’s the start after training bang yeah II know anything about sourcing you know so until I started really I didn’t even know anything about lease options I thought they were only for commercial property and they were watching your videos and I thought why am I doing this I’m and then you know get start writing the letters start sending them out yeah it’s a noisy background have you got like everything you touch turns to gold like well I hope so yeah but it’s just I’m just an implementer of you know take risks and I go out there and tell everybody what I’m doing and yeah and that sort of thing and you know say yes now and worry about what to do later I think most of all say now that’s the real stuff that you know yeah you could talk about these options but the real people could understand these options all day long but unless there this stuff yeah prepared to take action prepared to take a risk you know prepared to look so prepared to say I’m a property investor when you haven’t actually got any properties that on the basis that you speaking it out because you know it will happen to be prepared to spend money on programs to invest in yourself in faith that it will pay off because you know that you’re gonna implement exactly one I mean then that’s the stuff that makes you successful yeah cos it’s the stuff like what tell me about the crash course what did you learn I’ll tell you some in that alone which was really interesting was the the way you find the postcode of the property so when you were on Rightmove yeah I don’t know the post-college property and you click on this sort of a broad all right the whole the whole training cost was worth just that one thing saved me so much time there insane yeah no it’s just the whole thing was brilliant it was really intense but I guess it’s a test to see because you kept is there to like 11:00 at night like genuinely 14-hour day 14-hour day two of them it was brilliant but yeah I think that’s that’s you but you’ve got to be willing to do that to make these deals happen okay so you’ve got yeah that’s every day yeah but for someone doing this so but it goes fast I imagine it goes fast yeah because you’re engaged and you’re up and you’ve you’ve got a you know jumping up and down and it’s brilliant yes it’s fantastic yes and sometimes people say you know 14 hours what people have got remember is it’s not 14 hours me on stage because a lot of the day you’re doing stuff you’re making phone calls oh yeah in line you’re on Rightmove you know you’re doing stuff so no that’s really cool okay what advice would you give to someone watching this who was maybe young guy in their 20s or whatever or anyone but just someone that’s really hungry they haven’t got a lot of money to start with what were the best steps for them to take right now as a result of this read a book and just do it do it you know get your get your hands dirty and get in there I mean like I said before sort of saying yes and worrying about it later yeah I’ve got my hands burn a few times but you know I’m now able to just take the day off to come here whenever I want you know that’s not gonna affect me what I’ve been you’ve been the most influential books that have helped you yourself by low rent high pressure and then I read I read Simon’s at she’s book yeah property magic great book great book fun and it’s a great guy oh yes yeah he’s brilliant yeah yeah and just watching the YouTube videos I guess so yeah I think your passion and energy is really you know it’s ripped off a little bit because yeah you know you’ve you’ve got it you’ve got to be active haven’t you yeah and want to do it 100 percent 100 percent that’s so cool well listen I really appreciate you coming on the show problem I hope to see you kill it I’m gonna be holding you to a can no you will if you don’t do many more lease option agreements in the next few months you’re gonna be punched in the mouth so now you’re gonna do so you’re gonna be so successful.

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