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How I Learned To Become Financially Free At 22

Hey what’s up everyone, this is Anthony McClary again showing you a short video explaining how I feel about what I’ve gotten myself into the last year. You know For you, you’re watching a video right now A year ago I did the same thing, I watched the whole video and it capsulated me so much that I, PUSHED the link on the end of the, the end of the video. Here I am a year a year later making money online and sharing how I’m making money online. I’m just a 22 year old, Ohio State, Ohio State University dropout I never really understood what I wanted to do so… This was I mean the best option for me man, like I was working as valet, a cook 40-50 hours a week Like and there’s this video claiming that they can help me make money online with putting like 10 hours a week into work. You know what I’m saying so what was I going to lose by watching this video and seeing what they had The fact is, is uh, they were right you know and I would have never saw it if they didn’t put the ad on Facebook put the add on, put the video on Twitter any of the social media so I’m trying to do that for other people I mean regardless if you’re in a job that you hate, if you’re in a job that you love. You can pursue this part-time, full-time or depending on however like….. WHAT DO YOU WANT?! That is the question but regardless of what you want this opportunity can be a suit for you, you know? There’s uh you know, I have multiple people in our community, that come from all over the world. That have so many different backgrounds, that have so many different motives behind why they’re doing this and why they want to make money residually. I mean my thing is I want to take my girlfriend be able to travel around the world as much as I want to. And collect checks you know. I want to be, I want to have that time freedom, not just money freedom. I want to have time freedom so, I personally can go wherever I want to knowing that I will be safe when I get back, financially. Because a lot of people don’t realize when you go to a job 40 50 hours a week, you’re selling yourself to whatever wage that you’re getting per hour, or salary no matter what you’re making even if you’re making fantastic money you’re still selling yourself hourly, you know so I don’t know, it just depends on how you look at it but overall I’m just a regular person and I’m just expressing to you how I feel about how I got into the business and how I’m so thankful. And I hope that I can do it for other people And after I’m done talking I got a couple um, couple videos that I have my, my drone I have a lot of free time so I’m able to shoot some footage I’ve never really been into photography but uh now that I have time and I go places I’m trying to capture every single moment so I put together a short little video of some replace that I’ve been some of the footages of my hometown so you can see where I came where I’ve gone and how I have the time to do things that I never thought I would be able to do so I hope that resonates with you and uh the link at the bottom of this page will take you to a webinar and the webinar will be live so you can ask questions and you can learn about what we’re actually talking about and if you just register with your email and your name uh you should be into the rotator and we will get back to you and I appreciate you watching the video and if you keep watching you’ll see some of the place that I’ve been able to go to appreciate it

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