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Why Financially-Free Beats Debt-Free

We are debt-free, they screamed. Well, you know what – so what? Hi, I’m Keith Weinhold, long-time host of the popular investing podcast “Get Rich Education.” I also write for Forbes, and I write for Rich Dad Advisors. Are you…

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5 Pieces of Bad Financial You Can Turn Into Great Financial Advice || SugarMamma.TV

Hi everyone, as you may know by now I am incredibly protective of you and your financial future. Because I want you to thrive and I want you to be excited about your future. And I want you to realistically…

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7 Steps To Financial Freedom & Independence For Millennials & Students! || SugarMamma.TV

I want to talk to you about millennials and money. Now, in the media there is so much doom and gloom when it comes to millennials and their future. There’s a lot of comments and opinions that millennials are lazy….

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My Story – Start Investing For Your Financial Freedom || SugarMamma.TV

Hi, welcome back to SugarMammaTv, your financial coach, creator and counselor. This video is all about me, which sounds really odd and bad but I wanted to explain to people about why I’m so passionate about sharing my messages and…

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