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2 Properties to Financial Freedom: Looking At The Numbers

We’ve talked a lot about the two properties to financial freedom strategy and in this episode I want to go through some of the nitty-gritty and the numbers behind this strategy so you can see how it works in action…

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5 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

What I’m going to do  is break it down into five very simple and actionable steps that you can follow if you’re looking to improve your financial situation and eventually reach a point where you are financially free, meaning that…

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Jim Rohn: How to Gain Financial Freedom | Law of Attraction

okay let’s talk now financial independence let me first give you my definition of financial independence number one the ability to live from the income of your personal resources this should be every person who lives in a free country…

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10 Levels of Financial Independence And Early Retirement | How to Retire Early

Long-term financial goals can sometimes seem so big that they feel almost unattainable especially when we’re just getting started on our road to financial independence. I and many others like me in the financially independent, retired early community have found…

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Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

You may have heard that money doesn’t buy happiness and the person that told you that probably had a lot of money, but they aren’t exactly wrong. I think what’s closer to the truth is having money’s not everything not…

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